A Top Secret team of shifters, founded by a group of former Navy SEALS, employ their Psy and shifting abilities to seek out and eradicate the world’s most lethal human and non-human predators. These men are thrill seekers whose appetites for danger are equaled only by their unrepentant, raw sexuality.

Yet these tough warriors are hesitant to engage their hearts, and fear they’re destined to forever walk alone. Their universe is a dangerous place, their lives constantly at risk, futures uncertain. But they’ll brave hell itself to claim the mates they love…


“Readers will fall head over heels for the Alpha Pack!”
New York Times bestselling author Angela Knight



For reference, “Original” team member—those Navy SEALS who were attacked in Afghanistan and turned into wolf shifters, then founded Alpha Pack.

The newest team members were discovered five years after Afghanistan, following the horror of the Noble massacre, and brought into the fold.

Team Leader Nick Westfall (former FBI Special Agent), White Wolf, Empath and PreCog—Nick left the FBI to serve as Team Leader of Alpha Pack, replacing deceased leader Terry Noble. He carries the burden of knowing the fates of his men, yet because of a tragic past mistake, agonizes that he can’t—or won’t— interfere with destiny or free will.

Jaxon Law (former Navy SEAL), Grey Wolf, RetroCog and Time-Bender—Jax is an original team member who suffered a mangled left leg during the Noble massacre, a leg that is much stronger in shifted form. The man carries a load of guilt because he was gravely injured and couldn’t change the outcome of the ambush.

Aric Savage (former Navy SEAL), Red Wolf, Firestarter and Telekinetic—Aric is an original team member who harbors a terrible resentment of his shifting and Psy abilities, and sees them as a curse. He can pilot anything that contains an engine, and even some things that don’t.

Kalen Black (Outcast), Black Panther, Sorcerer and Necromancer—Kalen is the newest and youngest member of the team, and the only known shifter of his kind. Was found during a routine op, homeless, starving, and holding a conversation with a raised corpse. After one magical battle and thousands of dollars in damage to the cemetery, the team managed to subdue the Sorcerer and offer him a job. His future is uncertain, his destiny grim…because Kalen might be fated to destroy them all.

“Hammer” (former FBI Agent), Grey Wolf, Tracer—Hammer left the FBI and came with Nick to join Alpha Pack. Only Nick knows the mysterious giant’s real name, and there’s a nice pot of money at stake for the first guy who’s got balls enough to pry it from him.

Zander Cole (former Navy SEAL), Black Wolf, Healer—Zander nearly killed himself trying to save his teammates in the aftermath of the Noble massacre. The black wolf managed to snatch Aric and Jaxon from death before draining his power and succumbing to his own injuries. Of all the survivors, he’s the one not dealing with the tragedy and is a cause for grave worry among the others.

Ryon Hunter (former Navy SEAL), Silver Wolf, Channeler and Telepath—Ryon is an original team member whose “sixth sense” gives the catch-phrase “I see dead people” a whole new meaning. He’s literally surrounded by ghosts as they plead for his help, trying to convey messages that he doesn’t always understand. He only gets relief from the spirits while in wolf form.

Dr. Melina Mallory (former chief of staff, Parkland Hospital, Dallas ), Human, Soul Gazer—Melina takes care of the sick and wounded shifters and other paranormals that cannot be healed in the field, or who cannot heal themselves. She was mated to the now-deceased and disgraced Team Leader, Terrence Noble, an endless source of guilt and shame given the tragic outcome.

Dr. Mackenzie Grant (former practicing psychologist), Human, Scientist and Parapsychologist—Mackenzie works for the Institute researching the shifters, running tests on the team in an effort for the government to understand their genetics, how their animal halves blend with their Psy and other Paranormal abilities. She also assists in finding new agents with those talents. Occasionally is called upon to treat an agent through counseling or medication. She’s also the daughter of Jarrod Grant, Nick’s main contact in the government.